Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Discussion: Do I read too slow to be a book blogger?

This is the first discussion post I have ever made but I feel like it is something I have to address so early on in my blogging experience as a book blogger as this question has been at the back of my mind since I thought about starting a book blog.

Do I read too slow to be a book blogger?

I know this may sound silly but when I look at other peoples blogs they could be uploading reviews at least once a week...even twice a week in some cases, and here I am struggling to read a chapter of my book a day after I have finished all my homework, some days not even getting a chance to read at all as I am just too tired...

I see people with there goodreads reading challenges at 100 books and I am here hoping to read 50 and considering that a great accomplishment. I watch different booktubers wrap-ups at the end of each month and wonder do they all have some speed reading super power that they are hiding from the rest of the world, as they can read 5 or 6 books in a month...were as I can barely finish a book in a week ( unless its amazing and I go into hibernation in order to finish it).

So I ask myself and invite you all to discuss this issue in the comments below, is there such thing as reading to slow? Do book bloggers need to read at a certain speed? Although I am going to continue this blog no matter how slow I read, I feel it may affect the amount of readers I get to my blog as the ratio of discussion, memes and other posts to the amount of reviews will be too great...
My plan is to upload a post on Tuesdays such as a meme or discussion and then on Friday upload a review if I have one, what do you guys think of this plan?

I think the thing that will keep me blogging is that everyone here loves books, some read fast, some slow, but it doesn't affect our love for books and the friendships and discussions that will hopeful branch off this blog.

So..... whats your opinion on this topic? Leave your answer below...


  1. Hi Sarah -
    I wouldn't worry too much about how quickly you read or how many/few book reviews you post. I'm new at this book blogging thing, too, but I'm in a similar boat to you - I don't have a chance to post as many book reviews as a lot of people seem to do - HOW DO THEY DO IT? I also don't have a ton of readers at the moment, but I enjoy writing other kids of posts and I enjoy reading them, sometimes more than reading actual book reviews...

    A good friend (and blogger) recently told me - your blog is yours, it can be whatever you want it to be. I've taken that to heart and I try not to stress too much about what I post.

    good luck with the blog! it's hard to get readers, I know... i just figure we should give it some time, right? :)

    1. Haha..they are speed-readers I guess...I will check out your blog, thanks for all the advice

  2. I'm a slow reader too! I don't even aim for 50 with my goodreads challenge - I go for 20 and was pretty thrilled when I get there. I think we should read at a pace we're comfortable with; it's best to not put too much pressure on ourselves since it can take away all the fun out of the experience. :) Having a routine is definitely a good idea so I think you've got a good plan there!

  3. Hi Sarah! I've read this post a few days back, but my reader probably messed up and didn't post my reply. Anyway, don't worry about being a slow reader! Most of us are :) And I do agree with you that it's all about books, friendships, and having fun.
    Personally, I post several times a week. I do a tuesday meme called Top Ten Tuesday, as well as the Top Five Wednesday. This gives me time to read a book and have a review ready by Friday. I think one advice I can give you is to have scheduled posts. Write several posts in advance and have them schedule to be published in different days, which will keep your blog active but you don't have to sit in front of the computer the whole day :)
    I also would suggest reviewing books you have read in the past :) Authors love getting reviews, even if their book was published a long time ago. It brings attention again to the book and that's a good thing :)

    I hope I was able to help you! :)

    Joan @ Fiddler Blue

    1. thanks for the advice, I actually tried to schedule my posts but it never uploaded!!! I have actually uploaded a top ten tuesday but I don't think I will do it every week! I love your blog by the way :)

  4. From one Sarah to another, wonderful blog! I've always been a slow reader, but I feel like books should be savored. I also find I tend to remember the details of the book better than some of my speed-reading pals. ;)


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