Tuesday, 3 November 2015

My first post as a book blogger...

Hi, there! My name is Sarah and this is my new book blog....yeah that's all I can think off.
If you want to know a bit more about me visit the About Me page at the top of your screen, I would really appreciate it because it took me a good hour of searching blogs and youtube tutorials to find out how to put it there!

So... where to start...this isn't my first time trying create a blog or website. I have had my far share of failed blogs and websites through the years..all 15 of them! Since about the age 9 or 10 I became interested in trying to create my own websites, and I did, I created lots, I don't even remember what about, just silly things, obviously none of them ever became hits with one or two page views in a week before I got bored and moved onto another project with the realization that I would never get hundreds of visitors to a blog by a 10 year old ranting on about Club Penguin or Disney Channel.

Well, I guess I could say that after a few years absence I am back again with new hope, new determination and because I am ever so slightly bored on this mid-term break....so I have created this book blog. I have only found out about book blogs as of recently, I actually don't know many as of yet but I am hoping that I can find a few blogging friends if I keep up with this blog and hopefully don't quit after a week or two...

I started a booktube channel before this book blog a few months back, I got to about 5 videos and realized it wasn't for me, I felt too awkward talking to a camera but I really did enjoy what I was talking to the camera about, BOOKS! So I am hoping that through this book blog I can achieve that same feeling of loving books and having people to discuss the books you love with, but instead of on Youtube...through typing on a book blog! 

At first, I stopped myself making this blog because of various excuses in my head, I could never make a blog, I am in exam year at school, I don't even know how to review books!, I will just quit the moment I start, I wont post enough so won't get any views.....but then I thought who cares if I don’t get lots of views, I can always learn to write reviews, true its exam year but you need a break from studying every now and then... and who cares how much you post, as long as I am having fun with it, right? Well that's the attitude I am having towards it for now anyway.

My plan for this blog is not fully developed as of yet, but that's ok! I think I am going to post twice a week, maybe Tuesdays and Fridays. I will do reviews, but also other posts...as I don't think I read fast enough to post a review every week...but that's fine! Once I am enjoying writing what I post!
I think that is all I have to write for now....If anyone is reading this feel free to comment and if you would like follow me on twitter and like the Facebook page...because once I know I have caught at least one persons attention then I have a reason to blog :) Until the next post, Bye!  - Sarah


  1. Hi!
    Good luck in the blogging community, I know it can be hard. I started my book review blog (Pagesforthoughts.blogspot.com) this summer. Here is a tip for blogging- don't second guess yourself, and always write a review from your heart. Most of all, have fun!!!
    Btw, I followed you on twitter :)

    Julia @ Pagesforthoughts.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you, I will check out your blog when I get the chance :)

  2. Yay another newbie like me haha! Currently reading Fangirl and i'm loving it! Good luck in the book-blogging world :)

    1. Thanks you too..:) whats your blog name?

  3. Trial and error trial and error that's all there is too it! The hardest part is getting yourself to get on and actually make it happen. You're on your way, there will be things later on that you will like dislike and change. You may even decide to take a break once in while. That's ok you got this!! My book blog is: thesweetlittlecorner.blogspot.com

  4. Hey. I found this link through a youtube video I watched just recently, and you're doing an amazing job. I, too, have recently started a book blog and have just posted one review. I'd be glad if you checked it out. http://rayofss.blogspot.in/


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