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MERRY CHRISTMAS + Healthy Recipe: Microwave Baked Apples

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Merry Christmas everyone! It's Christmas Day (just in case you didn't know), this post has obviously been written in advance because right now I am probably enjoying the full festivities of Christmas Day, today's post isn't book related, but trust me you will forgive me once you try this recipe out for yourself! I decided I would upload this recipe on my blog as I believe it is quite a festive recipe for Christmas!

DISCLAIMER: This recipe is the easiest recipe known to man as I am the worst cook/baker in the universe, so if I can do this so can you!

Now time to learn how to make this apple pie, cinnamon, festive bowl of under 5 minutes.

Healthy Microwaved Baked Apples:

What you will need: Serves 1

- 1 Apple ( I used Granny Smith)
- 1 tsp of ground cinnamon (or to taste)
- 1 tbsp of water
Optional: you can also add 1-2 tsp of sugar but I have decided to keep mine as healthy as possible :)


1. Peel, core and slice the apple into thin slices like you are going to make an apple pie.
2. Place in a microwave safe bowl and add the cinnamon and water.
3. Microwave for 1-2 minutes or until the apple is soft (or to your preference)
* I did this on two separate occasions and microwaved them for two separate times, both turned out delicious!
4. Add an extra dash of cinnamon is desired and enjoy quick while its still hot!

Note: You can literally customize this however you want, tell me what you added to yours down below!

And it's as simple as that..told you it was easy and delicious!
Comment down below if you try this out I would love to here how yours turned out and if you added anything!

Merry Christmas...hope you enjoy this festive treat over the holidays!


  1. That's a great recipe! I'll have to give it a try one of these days. Merry Christmas! :)

    ~Erika @ Books, Stars, Writing. And Everything In Between.

  2. Merry Christmas! I hope you'll have a wonderful time :)
    The recipe sounds delicious! I'll try it out one of these days

    Aeriko @ The Reading Armchair


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